Code: 114B Hallux Varus Splint

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  • Helps in correcting the Hallux Varus excessive medial deviation of the great toe.
  • Can be worn at night to prevent further deformation and to relive pain.
  • Used after bunionectomy or arthroplasty surgeries.
  • Used to check and control the movement of big toe to point inward toward the other toes.
  • Useful for those with a stiff or floating great toe, putting on a shoe or walking can be a challenging task.
  • The Hallux Varus Splint System applies a low-load, prolonged-duration stretch (LLPS) directly across the joint axis.
  • By means of the splint worn on the big toe, the shrunken soft parts (capsule) of the base joint of the big toe are expanded and the progressive malpositioning of the joint is corrected.
  • Maintains medial / lateral arch.
  • Suitable for skin contact, does not absorb perspiration.
  • Does not support micro organism growth.
  • Washable, odour free, tough, resilient and light weight.

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